How to Be Feral


How to Be Feral: Movement Practices to Re-wild your Body is a practical and reflective movement book which re-appropriates the term feral as a potent way of refashioning ourselves and humanity. Through a series of movement invitations questioning what is a human body and how it relates to the environment the book invites us to challenge our human-centered perspective of the world and to learn to trust our moving body. as a valid form of questioning and knowing.  


How to Be Feral will be published in 2024 by Triarchy Press.  

Moving with the Screen


During the 2020 pandemic I wrote an article on how to adapt and see the opportunities in the limits of the Zoom environment.


Moving with the Screen on Zoom: Reconnecting with Bodily and Environmental Awareness, International Journal of Screendance, 12 (2021): 72-95


In March 2022, I gave a talk drawing from the article on how to remain embodied when using screen technology which can be viewed on Youtube.

Dancing with nature off the leash


I wrote a chapter about my kinesthetic and embodied experience of moving with and filming the moving body of Emma Waltraud Howes a dancer and artist performing outdoors at Kew Gardens.


Dancing with nature off the leash. In von Zinnenburg, k. (ed.) Botanical Drift: Economic Botany and its Plant Protagonists, Berlin: Sternberg press, 2017.


The resulting film can be watched online.