Art films



A feral creature descends into the woods exploring its layers.

She crumbles and slowly disintegrates like a fallen leaf. She

lies inert in stillness for what seems like eternity till she’s ready to sprout again.

Artists in Re-



A composite portrait of migrants’ experiences in UK detention centres, using their drawings and testimonies.


Edited in collaboration with artist and researcher Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll

Snail Eating Theatre


30 years ago, the mayor of Marrakech commissioned theatre royal Marrakech. It is still being built by the French Tunisian architect Charles Boccara, the central character of this film. As the camera roams the now ruined and haunted theatre royal Marrakech, the architect’s copy changes the European originals. The film uses the opera buildings as protagonists in the delirium that beset its commissioners.


Edited and filmed with Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll